December 06, 2023

Why Valheim Fans Should Check Out Codename: Islands

Codename: Islands promises to take players on a magical journey across islands, borrowing elements of Valheim's survival mechanics. Written by Gamerant

Valheim has stolen the hearts of millions with its Viking-themed adventures and captivating gameplay since its early access release in 2021, amassing an immense fanbase and becoming one of Steam's top-grossing indie games. As Valheim continues to enthrall players with the hardships of its sandbox world, the yarn of gaming development keeps spinning, and while waiting for the Ashlands Update, players should pay attention to other emerging titles in the genre. The upcoming Codename: Islands gets its inspiration from leading titles in the sandbox category, and this survival co-op sets its stage in an enigmatic, uncharted ocean world. Valheim fans are familiar with facing harsh elements, and Codename: Islands has a few tricks up its sleeves to engage gamers.

Developer Treehouse Games is giving players the prospect of collaborating to build settlements on island chains and awakening ancient island spirits. Magic seems to lie scattered around the map of Codename: Islands, and players are encouraged to explore their surroundings in the company of friends. Players can travel and explore various islands. As they progress, they will encounter challenges in the form of powerful monsters that can be confronted with the aid of crafted tools, gears, and weapons.

Codename: Islands' Borrowed Elements from Valheim are a Good Sign for Challenging Gameplay

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